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The most common reasons for renting yachts

The most common reasons for renting yachts

In recent years, sailing ship rental services have become very popular. Such a service used to be of sports and tourism nature. Nowadays, it is used for holding various celebrations and events, as well as an alternative form of recreation. Only a few people could afford such a rest not so long ago, but nowadays the situation has changed for better. Many companies provide yacht rental services with all related services at very reasonable prices for the general public. The Kyiv company Sailing Duck is one of them.

Romantic, entertaining and festive events

The most common reasons for renting sailing yachts are related to entertaining. Contemporary people want a holiday, new experiences and unforgettable emotions. A cruise under sail of a comfortable water craft with organized entertainment and treats will make the desires and dreams of many people come true.

The most common reasons for renting yachts are as follows:

  • Date, marriage proposal;
  • Cruise of newlyweds or celebrating of a wedding;
  • Hen party or stag party;
  • Graduation parties;
  • Birthdays, anniversaries;
  • Various family celebrations;
  • Various corporate parties.


Trips, cruises and competitions

In addition to renting yachts for no more than a couple of days for holding all kinds of celebrations and events, rental for tourist and sports purposes for longer periods is in demand as well. Many people achieve their dreams of an exciting and unforgettable vacation on board a comfortable yacht, traveling across the large expanses of water, admiring the picturesque landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. This may be a cruise across the water bodies of your native country or a full-fledged sea voyage, visiting the shores of various countries.

There are people with an ethos of sport, who consider yachting to be sport. They put out to sea to compete with the same spirited active fellows, who adore sports. Sailing regattas are a special sport that has become very popular in our country in recent years. Their scope, duration and classification may be different. And each of them requires the corresponding types of yachts.

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