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Sailing yachts – excerpts on the history

Sailing yachts – excerpts on the history

When it comes to sailing yachts, eyes start to glow and people start to smile. After all, the first thing that comes to your mind is a fascinating voyage and a comfortable rest on board snow-white beauty under full-blown sail.

Sailing yachts are water crafts that are driven by the use of hydro- and aerodynamics. The name “yacht” derives from the Dutch “jacht”, from “jagen”, which means to chase, to hunt.

Where and when did the first yachts occur?

According to historians, the first sailing ships appeared in the Aegean Sea more than 10,000 years ago. We don’t know exactly, who created them. The Egyptians, Greeks and Phoenicians are suggested to be the ones. Sailors and merchants of the 16th century were often attacked by sea robbers. Light, maneuverable and very fast sailing ships, which can be considered prototypes of modern yachts, were built to hide from the pirates.

It is a well-known fact that the English King Charles II was one of the first to use sailing ships for entertainment and boat trips on the Thames. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the yacht was presented to him by the Dutch.

Yachting became a popular sport in Great Britain during the Victorian period. The family of Queen Victoria owned the numerous fleet of yachts, based in the royal residence on the Isle of Wight. The city of Cowes, located on this island, is considered to be the birthplace of yachting. The world-famous sailing festival Cowes Week takes place here every summer, beginning in 1826. This is one of the largest and most spectacular regattas.

Yachting today

From a contemporary point of view, yachts are water crafts that are actively used for tourism, recreation and sports. While the hulls of the first yachts were made of high-quality wood, nowadays the list of materials used in the course of building sailing ships is enormously large. Almost all modern yachts for tourism, in addition to sails, have a special engine used for maneuvering and moving at low speeds, when there’s no wind. Sailing ships, which are not equipped with an auxiliary engine, as a rule, are intended for sports competitions.

Many modern people dream of an amazing vacation or a romantic cruise under full-blown snow-white sail.

Picturesque views, the magic of sunrise and sunset over the water surface, sea freshness and coolness enchant and lure people. If have all these things deep in your heart, go for it and make your dream come true! Your sailing yacht and unforgettable cruise are waiting for you!

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