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Преимущества и особенности яхтинга в Хорватии

Croatia is the unquestionable gem of the entire Adriatic. There are more than a thousand picturesque islands, numerous quiet coves and cozy bays, the most beautiful ancient cities, the warm and favorable climate, the cleanest sea. Therefore, the yachting infrastructure is highly developed in this region. If you are planning your first long cruise on board a yacht, our company Sailing Duck suggests starting with the coast of Croatia. We will organize everything at the highest level and offer to rent a comfortable sailing ship.

Infrastructure and advantages of yachting in Croatia

The yachting infrastructure here is considered to be the most developed and multifaceted in Europe. Despite the fact that the quality improves annually and the cost of service increases gradually, the popularity of this area doesn’t decrease. It becomes even more popular. Fans of sailing ships and snow-white yachts will be able to spend an interesting, cozy and exciting holiday in this country.

Yachting along the coast of Croatia is extremely popular due to these advantages:

  • Numerous comfortable marinas, fully equipped with everything necessary for high-class service and full-length recreation;
  • Favorable mild climate, rich nature and spectacular scenery, abundance and beauty of the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea;
  • Numerous islands (the total number is 1,185, 67 of them are inhabited) and archipelagoes, which create a comfortable sailing area, protected from winds and storms;
  • The opportunity to organize mooring of yachts in different places – comfortable marinas, embankments of resort towns, wild coves (by the 2way, it is forbidden to moor in national parks).

Climatic conditions and season for yachting

There is a favorable Mediterranean climate, characterized by mildness and above-zero temperatures, at the coast of Croatia. The winter in the coastal areas is warm with an average temperature of 5-10 °C above zero, the water in the sea cools down to +12 °C. The summer is warm and calm here with an air temperature of 25-32 °С, the purest azure water warms up to 25-26 °С in August. Season for traveling onboard a yacht lasts from April through October. In spring, the sea warms up insufficiently (less than 19 °C), but it’s almost always windy and it’s favorable for sailing. If the weather conditions worsen, a protected place in a cozy bay or equipped marina can always be found in the Croatian coastal zone within a radius of 8-10 miles.

Do you dream of exciting, comfortable yachting in the coastal zone of Croatia? Sailing Duck will be your reliable travel partner. We will offer the best suitable yacht for the charter, help map the sailing route, taking into account all the wishes and suggest related services.


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