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Yachting in France – popularity and infrastructure

The picturesque Mediterranean and Atlantic French coasts are perfect and gorgeous places for sailing tourism or sports. Favorable climate, picturesque landscapes and sea beauty contribute to this. There are numerous routes for tourist and sports yachting. Traveling under sail along the coast of France will definitely be an unforgettable and special event. Sailing Duck will help organize a fascinating cruise on board a yacht, offering to rent a suitable bareboat or a water craft with a professional skipper

The main features of yachting in Franc

The infrastructure of tourist and sports yachting in France is very developed, and the service is of a high European level. There are charter companies in almost every coastal town in France. Along the coast, there are numerous marinas, where you can moor a sailing ship and stay overnight. But you should take into account the fact that they are very often overcrowded in summer.

Yachting in France is diverse and has certain characteristic features depending on the location:

  • Mediterranean coast. The South Coast is an excellent choice for beginner-yachtsmen, who are just learning how to sail a ship. A calm sea and mild climate promote this. One can easily survive the summer heat. In winter, the temperature is not less than +15°C. Cloudy days are rare here. The active yachting season in summer is when the wind is 3-4 numbers strong. The biggest amount of sailing enthusiasts is observed here in July and in August. Warm May and September are preferred by connoisseurs of more peaceful and secluded sailing. In winter and early spring, dry and cold winds blow here, so at this time this season is not that popular.
  • Atlantic coast. It’s the choice of professional and experienced yachtsmen, who are very good at sea navigation and prefer extreme sailing. Sailing here can be very dangerous and difficult for beginners. Bay of Biscay is characterized by fast currents. The winds change very often here. High tides are also a problem for sailing ships; the water level here can change rapidly by several meters.

Cote d’Azur is a popular and splendid area for yachting. This is due to the excellent conditions, clean and warm sea, golden sandy beaches, cozy harbors, and numerous comfortable modern marinas. Such resorts as Cannes, Nice, San Remo are known all over the world. Thousands of elite yachting fans, including celebrities, come here every year.

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