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Sailing in Belgium – peculiar features

Belgium is a country with a developed yachting infrastructure due to the fact that it’s located between the coast of France and the shores of the Netherlands. Its territory is washed by the North Sea in the northwest. And its close location to the English Channel makes this country a very comfortable place for stopping and relaxing on the way of sailing. Therefore, many yachtsmen sail to the coastal Belgian waters to relax and get the necessary service of a high level.

Features and nuances of yachting in Belgium

Belgium boasts of its maritime traditions that have developed over a long period of time. Numerous connoisseurs of tourist and sports yachting come here every year. This state is famous for the fact that the port of Antwerp (the second largest port in Europe, through which one can sail on waterways within the country) is situated here. In other ports and towns of the coast, there are service centers and yacht clubs. A full-scale yacht service is provided in such cities as Brussels, Oostende, Nieuwpoort and Zeebrugge.

Some nuances that yachting fans should know when planning to sail to the Belgian coast:

  • The authorities don’t require special permits for controlling yachts;
  • The law establishes the speed of navigation in coastal waters, which should not exceed 9 kilometers per hour;
  • It is forbidden by law to sail on sailing ships in the dark;
  • The presence of numerous sandbanks in the Belgian waters requires careful navigation;
  • The coastline isn’t very long, there are almost no natural harbors, so the marinas should be booked in advance.

Belgium has a mild and favorable climate, which is characterized by cool summers and mild warm winters. In July, the temperature is 18-20 C, the water in the sea warms up to no more than 18 C. In January, the average air temperature is 0 to -3 C, storms and wind are the frequent phenomenon in winter. The best season for yachting is from May to September, the peak season i July-August, when south-western or western winds prevail.

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